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The Importance of Safety Gear

Posted by Adonis Gray on 18th Feb 2015

Today we are going to talk about Personal Protective Equipment.

Injuries are always something that 'happens to the other person'.

But statistics show that virtually every one of us will experience one or more 'on-the-job' injuries during our working life.

And depending upon the type of injury we suffer, it can effect every aspect of our lives. Many injuries can make our job more difficult and effect our group's ability to get their work done, causing problems for the company's operations.

But even more important, 'on-the-job' injuries do not stay here at work when you leave.

They can severely restrict your personal life, causing you to give up many of your recreational activities, make working around the house difficult and even make sleeping a painful experience.

Yet studies show that the great majority of 'on-the-job' injuries can be prevented.

And a major contributor to injury prevention is the selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment. Don't be that 'other person'!